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I've developped a small software to control my davis vantage vue console so that I can run it on the TP-Link TL-MR3020.
This software collect data from the console and create a set of 3 web pages, one for the last 10 minutes, 1 for the last hour and one for the last 24 hours.
It also can upload weather data to te Wunderground website.

I've attached a screenshot of the web page for the last hour weather data

This small program has been made mainly because most solutions are not free, and other solutions often require a flash disk. This application is small enought to fit in the TL-MR3020 flash.

I strongly advise to store the web pages in the RAM area (i.e in /tmp) to avoid flash problems.

As the software is free and the source code is available, you can make changes to it (there are probably a few bugs in the software). I can make some changes in the software if a bug is found but I donét have much time to spend on developping new features so if anyone is really insterested in adding some usefull stuff, I can give access to the Git repository.

Here is the link to the project :

Note that the project is currently configured to build using the openWrt Toolcain but compile on other platforms as well (just need to set the correct compiler in the Makefile).

Regards, jerome

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Thanks for sharing this. I might need to get another TP-Link! (or compile it for a RaspPi)
Sounds like a good future project.
I think that this should work with a VP2 console, correct?

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As it supports LOOP and LOOP2 packets, it should be compatible with vantage pro 2 also.


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Well done!  Neat idea.
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Just a small post to indicate that I just pushed some changes on the git repository mainly to add the averaging and min/max functions to the software (for the 1 hour and 1 day web pages, instead of using fresh values which can occur during a special condition, i.e wind speed not representative of the past hour or day, ...)

Regards, Jerome

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Can I suggest that you call it something other than Connect - given that there's already a Davis Vantage product that uses the name Connect (the cellular network data link hardware). It's potentially confusing as a minimum and quite possibly Davis might request you to change the name anyway.
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