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Lexington, Georgia, USA
« on: September 27, 2008, 11:26:24 AM »
Started station in April 2004 with a Davis Vantage Pro.  Now using a VP2 Plus with Weatherlink, Virtual Weather Station v13.01p09 and ImageSalsa v1.9.14 for wx icons.  Using a Belfort T-755 wind transmitter and a WaterLog H-340 rain sensor both connected to the Davis VP2.  Using a wired Davis Vantage Pro2 with an R M Young 05102 wind sensor as back-up.  Experimenting with an R. M. Young siphon rain gauge connected to a Basic Stamp 2.    One wire wx system no longer in use.  The VP2 ISS is day time aspirated.
CoCoRaHS station number GA-OG-1 and National Weather Service Coop station LXTG1.
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Al Washington, Lexington, Ga.,  NWS Coop station=LXTG1, Fischer Porter, SRG, MMTS. 
CoCoRaHS=GA-OG-1. CWOP=CW2074.  Davis VP2+ WLIP 5.9.2, VP(original) serial, VWS v15.00 p02. ImageSalsa, Win7 & Win8 all-in-one.