Author Topic: Data logging with the WS-2080  (Read 1295 times)

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Data logging with the WS-2080
« on: March 14, 2014, 04:54:11 PM »
Hello all,

After searching for days on this forum and the rest of the internet I gave up and just decided to join and ask. Either what I want to do doesn't exist or I just don't know how to search for it.

I have had the Ambient Weather WS-2080 for awhile now and like it. Hooked it up to the laptop via USB and used Easy Weather no problem. But what a PITA hooking it up to my laptop with a cable. This is 2014 I should be able to do this wirelessly.

So I bought the WeatherLink wireless bridge. Frustrating to get working but once I did I've been synching data to WeatherUnderground.

But what I want it to synch that data to my computer. Easy Weather won't do it. I haven't found away with any of the other like Cumulus or Weather Display either. I don't know if I'm supposed to be searching for "data logger" or "dash board" or what. Surely this is a highly desirable feature. What am doing wrong or what should I be looking for?

Much appreciation in advance.