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Ambient Weather Beta Test Club
« on: March 22, 2013, 06:39:41 PM »
Review our beta products, and you get free weather stuff!

Our requirements are you have an Amazon account, you are knowledgeable about weather gear, and you have written verifiable product reviews on Amazon.

We will then ship you free products. We donít even charge you shipping. The only caveats are:
The products may not be perfect
There is no warranty
You will not hold us personally responsible for damage or injury.

This is a lottery. There will be only 50 club members at one time. We can add you to our waiting list if the membership is full.

To get started, please visit:


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Re: Ambient Weather Beta Test Club
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2013, 06:59:15 PM »
This sounds like it could be fun.  :-)