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My old computer runs at near 80% to 100% all the time with IS
Only have IS and VWS on board.
Windows XP 2002 SP3 AMD sempron 3000+ 1.83ghz 2 gb ram


Wow,    :shock: no way should your CPU be running that high.....Again check frames/sec and motino detection.... IS on my machine runs about 8% with 2 Logitecvh Pro 9000 cameras, no motion at 1 frame/sec.


I agree - but not sure what is making it so high. I admit that I am a bit naive on some of IS and VWS settings but will attempt some changes, no motion detect running. Wish there was a more detailed manual for IS and MS - Cheers


we still have high cpu usage with multiple usb webcams.

Would I be right thinking that if I used an IP cameras through Image Salsa instead, the cpu usage would be reasonable?

Does anyone else use more than one pinnacle dazzle on an oldish computer?


Found my high CPU usage was VWS, now down to 55% - I had set up a new weather station (WMR200) and reinstalled VWS and everything went up on display fine, but had not rechecked settings, found high data save rates and refresh rates with VWS. Not until I set up IS did high CPU appear, so mistakenly assumed it was that. IS seems not to consume much CPU process. Cheers


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