Author Topic: Buy one RG-11, get one free  (Read 4424 times)

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Buy one RG-11, get one free
« on: October 03, 2011, 04:07:18 PM »
I ordered a second RG-11 today. The first one is for testing as a high res tipping bucket replacement, and the second is for an "It's raining" sensor.

This was included on my emailed invoice:

Thank-you for the Rain Gage model RG-11 order.  We really appreciate the

Want a free RG-11? Take a few pictures of the RG-11 after you have it installed.
Email them to with a description of how the RG-11 is being
used. We'll send you a free RG-11.

Only 1 free RG-11 per customer.  We can use the images as we wish.  Include your
order number so we know where to ship the free unit.  Let us know if we can use
your name and/or company name in the description of the image.  Include a
website to link if you would like.

There was no indication on their site about this offer, and I don't know how long it's good for.

If you've been on the fence about ordering one, buy it now and sell the second one.

As soon as #2 gets here, I'm sending in some pics.

The web site is
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