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Scenario: I have a WS-2000(WH65) being received by a GW1000. Had one rain storm it didn't report anything, my other rain sensors did. I just thought, well it needs cleaned. So I cleaned it yesterday, wasn't bad at all. Today, had another rain storm, again, nothing from that unit.

So, I switched my WS-2000 console to read that unit as opposed to a WH40(Ambient) that I usually have it read . Yep started seeing the readings. So checked out the GW1000 console, still reporting nothing, and then I checked the calibrations, the rain gain had changed to 0.01. I know someone else reported this before. Restoring it to "1", and saving. All back to normal. The change to 0.01 occurred during one of the firmware updates. Strange that it only affected this unit, my other GW1000s were fine. (all updated at the same time)

As an aside...
Some of us, like Gyvate, myself, others, have an unusual amount of consoles and sensors. Obviously we do this because we are interested in their behavior under different combinations, anyone "normal" would not have what we have. I can tell you, it can quickly get out of hand and confusing, I'm sure Gyvate has a chart for his, and a good idea, I don't LOL, and I have to remember what is reading what and sending to where. I'm more into the gear and somewhat into the weather, but I do want the weather values.
Yep, requested my keys also...
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: Purpleair PHP Retrieval script
« Last post by 92merc on Today at 01:33:58 PM »
Wow, they didn't take long to kill the old script.  Sounded like they were going to leave it running longer than that.
It appears they shut off the old queries like and now redirect to a server that won't respond to the query. says

After a few years of grace period, we are now redirecting these two URLs ( and ) to a server that will not respond.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need any help getting going on our new API, at .

Sigh.. I've sent an email to request a READ key, and will rework my scripts to use it instead.  Meanwhile, the realtime query script(s) are very broken.. no data available.

For weather software developers that support realtime queries, they'll have to obtain keys and rewrite that portion of their software.
What Weather Station Should I Buy? / Re: Replacement for Vantage Pro2?
« Last post by johnd on Today at 12:57:04 PM »
I would say buy a new VP2 ISS (just the ISS). There have been multiple improvements over the years and it's the outside sensors that inevitably wear the most. Indoor things like console and logger generally last pretty well. Don't Davis have a 10% holiday discount on Monday in the US, though may still be cheaper to buy elsewhere.
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: Purpleair PHP Retrieval script
« Last post by Forever on Today at 12:55:48 PM »
It looks like the script no longer works and will need to be redone to work with the API keys. I just requested my API keys.
Unless you are convinced you want to move away from Davis I would consider refurbishment.  Davis charges $200 and they rebuild the entire station.  You also need to pay for shipping the station to Davis. There are other options to upload data that don't require a computer to be running 24/7.
What Weather Station Should I Buy? / Replacement for Vantage Pro2?
« Last post by ncpilot on Today at 11:33:39 AM »
Hello old long-timers. I've been away for so many years as life has thrown the major curve balls healthwise, and other stuff has been so much more important.

Now, as things settle a bit, I'm entertaining a replacement to my Vantage Pro2 I installed in 2005. It has slowly over the recent years been failing, starting with the anemometer, at least a couple of cap replacements, and water intrusion into electronics that has mucked up some of the sensors response.

It has had a good life being exposed to the salt air (I'm about 2 miles as crow flies to the coast).

Looking for simplicity this time around. Don't want to have computer connected in order to upload and see weather. I'm not as critically interested any more in weather, but would like the "basics" with remote access to conditions (web based?).

Don't have a budget, but not looking to spend Vantage Pro2 bucks again. I haven't kept up with the wx station marketplace.

I'm not sure a refurbishment by Davis is the way to go since I basically need a replacement, too much failure.

Thanks guys!

(P.S. I do sometimes peruse the forum, and have to laugh at all the new comers that ask about weather underground, I dumped them so long ago due to the obvious suckiness, LOL, RIP, they used to be good)
what's exactly the warning indicator ?
- a (red) battery symbol ?
YES, there is another symbol beside it which I think is a down arrow.  Are these devices sensitive to different battery brands/types?  It did have Energiser Max, now has Duracell Ultra, both alkaline I believe.  The manual just says 'AA'.
- a red exclamation mark
- or the transmission packet counter ("signal strength") ?
NO, that is showing four or five bars.
Can you post a picture ?   
YES, exactly what would you like to see? Console or WH32?
And I'm wondering how a WH32 sensor would cycle ...  :roll:
As I said, the LCD screen cycles between temp and humidity, and barometric pressure - is that not normal, would that be part of the issue?  As far as I can recall, it has done that since day one.
To completely rule out the devices/consoles , might consider completely shutting them down for a day or so, but give it a day to collect data as it is now before doing so. Just a thought.
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