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Title: Running Davis VP2 without USB hub
Post by: pmpit on December 16, 2021, 04:28:13 PM
Perhaps someone could figure this out. I'm running a VP2 Console (firmware 1.90) with a a Davis 6310USB data logger (old logger, not a green dot) into a Meteobridge TL-MR3020 platform without a USB hub. I had been using a F4U021BT 2.0 USB hub but was having connection problems. I eliminated the hub and now meteobridge is reading all 6 sensors. Anybody know why this is working?
Title: Re: Running Davis VP2 without USB hub
Post by: miraculon on December 17, 2021, 08:01:14 AM
released January 28, 2018

    Support for version 3 hardware of the TL-MR3020 from TP-Link has been added. This support does come with two caveats:
        As we are lacking reliable working Open Source WiFi drivers for this new device, Meteobridge can currently offer LAN operation only. It remains unclear if/when this limit can be lifted.
        The stock firmware only accepts updates of TP-Link signed updates. By that the Meteobridge firmware cannot be flashed to the device by the web interface. To work around this you have to setup of a TFTP server on your PC that provides the Meteobridge firmware for flashing. Flashing itself is easy, but it needs you to setup the TFTP server first.
    You find a description how to flash the MR3020v3 in the "Preparing Hardware" section and can have a look at the hardware details of this new platform in "hardware" section. First tests indicate that this version 3 of the MR3020 does no longer need a USB hub to connect to the weather stations, which is nice. As Meteobridge support for MR3020v3 is brand new, there will for sure still be some bugs. We are happy when you report those in the forum, so that we can get rid of them fast. As with all new ports, please be a bit patient if it takes a few days until an issue is solved.

I don't believe that the hub has been required for some time now. The above quote from 2018 was the first that I could find in the release notes.

My own meteobridge running on an MR3020

Platform:    TL-MR3020   (no USB hub)

Hasn't used the hub since I started using it again a while back. Previously, I did need it. It is an older MR3020.

Greg H.

Title: Re: Running Davis VP2 without USB hub
Post by: pmpit on December 17, 2021, 09:56:45 AM
Thanks, Greg. I saw that update and it says it applies to Ver 3 hardware. I, too, have an older TP-Link. Ver 1.9 hardware. And, like you, it is working without the hub. I was wondering if meteobridge ran an update that affects earlier models.
Title: Re: Running Davis VP2 without USB hub
Post by: docbee on December 22, 2021, 12:25:54 PM
When the old TL-MR3020 runs without the hub fine you are lucky but it can fail any time. There is a bug in the Atheros firmware that drops off USB 1.x traffic on certain conditions. Chance to get it failing seems to be related to LAN/WLAN traffic. I recommend to use a hub if you are looking for reliability.

This is unrelated to Meteobridge versions, nothing has changed in that direction as it is within the OpenWRT low level code.