Author Topic: Setting up my RG-11, first user tip/hint.  (Read 5804 times)

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Setting up my RG-11, first user tip/hint.
« on: October 03, 2011, 12:46:32 PM »
I finally have the RG-11 installed on the weather station post, and cable (direct bury Cat5) run from there to the brain room. I'll try to get a photo posted later.

It's on the same post with the VP2 ISS and the Stratus 4" gauge.

For initial testing, I have it set to emulate a 0.001" tipping bucket gauge, and before tonight's predicted rain showers, I hoe to have it all connected and tested.

First user tip: You have to remove the clear dome from the base to set the dip switches and connect the cabling. There is a silicone O ring that seals the base to the dome. The instructions say to stretch the ring several times to get it to stay in place on the lip during reassembly. You have to juggle the 2 halves, the circuit board, the desiccant pack, and the O ring all at once.

I found this pretty much impossible to do.

Here's the SLOweather way to reassemble the unit:

Leave out the O ring, reassemble everything else, and loosely install the 4 screws. Roll the O ring down over the dome until it snaps into the recessed grooved between the halves. Yo may need to alightly loosen one or more scres, and/or use your thumbnail to seat the O ring.

Once it's seated, tighten the screws.