Author Topic: 1998 WR-25 moded by TWI for tcpip output and solar how to turn off solar  (Read 810 times)

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So, I purchased this machine on here from another member in 2010 or so and for the most part it has just been sitting in the background as a just in case barometer - until my original WR-25 quit talking via the serial port. Moved all my sensors over to the jumper board (bc this unit has rj45 jacks and not screw terms) and all is pretty much well EXCEPT - with the OPTIONS  set at 128 the AUX display reads L.L.L. which I am assuming is because there is no solar sensor attached/available. I do have an AUX temp probe I would like to display here. But when I connect it to the Jumperboard - the unit ignores it. I am thinking that someone must have the right option number to enter to display in out aux temp and not In OUT SOlar - maybe the verb should bave been "hoping" rather than "thinking"?  Kev, Dale, any of you guys still running your old wr-25's?