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Just missing the rain


We've had some rain warnings in the area for the last couple of days, but the heavy stuff is just missing us.  I was looking at the new APP I installed An alternative to the Weatherlink application ( and thought it was frozen until I checked EC Radar KomokaWeather - Environment Canada Radar   

That is very similar to =lat:43;lon:-81.4;icon:dot-small-orange&box[]=color:333333;x1:0;y1:0;x2:1280;y2:25&label[]=color:ffffff;x:5;y:11;size:6;text:DLTITLE%20-%20DLTIME;tz:America/New_York] (800600)  and so far hasn't been moving much.
So far today 25.6 mm and yesterday 20.6 mm.


We were just on the eastern edge of it... 22.0 mm in the CoCoRaHS yesterday, and 77.6 mm this morning, a daily record.
Just a few miles to the west, road closures and a state of emergency, which is the only time I can remember since the 1970s snow storms  Facebook


The TV guy made a big deal of the last storm, high winds, lots of rain.  It blew through here in 15 minutes, no high wind and 0. 2 inches.   We have had 0.7 all month.  drought but the farmers are able to bring intheir crops. 

Kind of makes me wonder about winter.  The cold I figure, but how much snow?   BY the way, you folks in Alberta?  keep the dam clippers this year.

Just the opposite down here. Lots of rain. Heading for another 60 plus inches this year.


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