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freezer temperature with remote alerts?


Can anyone suggest a freezer temperature monitor that can send text or some type of notification to your phone?

There are a few on amazon but the reviews are spotty and i don't want to spend $150 for each as i need a few.


I must have asked a dumb question or a really hard one.


--- Quote from: BobWh on August 14, 2021, 02:24:29 PM ---I must have asked a dumb question or a really hard one.

--- End quote ---

Not really, but you'll have seen that this is a weather station forum, ie for monitoring multiple weather parameters outdoors. That doesn't map directly across to a dedicated gadget for monitoring freezer temps. I'm sure you could use components of a weather station to do what you're after, but sledgehammer/nut really applies and your budget would probably get blown by 200-300%. That's not to say that suitable gadgets don't exist but people here may not know about them in detail.

What i'm looking for is a sensor with a LCD screen and a long wire coming from it that goes inside your freezer. The battery should last that way.

And then some kind of alarm that sends off your phone/txt etc if the temp drops.

If you are are willing to forego a LCD display and battery power, the most cost effective and accurate solution is to buy a Ecowitt GW1000  (~$30 USD )and stick the probe end in the freezer.

You will have live temperature data on your phone (WSview app) and can set an email alert on (You can view live data and charts online even if you are out of WIFI range or far away from home) BONUS! You will have humidity and barometric pressure too!

The GW1000 needs power from a USB port. Any old phone, tablet USB charger should work.

One caveat. The GW1000 sometimes does not like to be plugged directly into a USB charger power supply (the power supply might interfere with WIFI). You can fix this by getting  a short USB extension.

This equipment is available on

EDIT: Sorry, made an error! In double checking the GW1000, it can measure only down to 14F/ Freezers are usually set to around 0F. There might be other remote sensors. More research required.

Ok. An Ecowitt WN30 ($17 USD)will work.

Specs: Power: 2 AA batteries(not included)

Sensor Size: (LxHxW): 4.75 x 1.5 x 0.6 in (123x 42 x 14 mm)

Cable Length: 3M(10FT)

Frequency: 433 / 868 / 915 MHz depending on location (North American: 915 MHz; Europe: 433MHz; Other areas: 433MHz)

Temperature range: -40C 60C (40F - 140F)

Temperature resolution: 0.1C, or 0.1F

Temperature accuracy: 1C / 2F

Waterproof Level for the probe: IP65

Sensor reporting interval: 61 seconds
Unfortunately this probe is not available on amazon but could be ordered from
Sorry for the confusion!


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