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My Davis VP (2002 version) has been running continuously with only one trip back to Davis for repair.  I am using VWS software to upload data to the web (  Yesterday, outside temps stopped showing up on the data logger console, along with a low battery message.  I changed the battery, but still no temp data. 

I want to purchase a replacement station, but I can't justify the cost of a new Davis station.  I would welcome suggestions for a replacement weather station.  I want to keep my cost below $200.  And, I'd like to keep using the VWS software.  Not because it is all that good now, but because I don't want to suffer through a new learning curve.

Of course, if someone could suggest how I might revive my existing Davis VP, that information would be most welcome.  Davis no longer supports my unit.

Doug Bolt

Garth Bock:
Scaled Instruments is having a sale on Vantage Vue for $268.05 .

Unless you need UV and Solar he has the VPro 2 on sale for 471.40

You can add UV and Solar later.  As for reviving your old VPro I looked around for parts on eBay and there are none.


Thanks for the link with attractive prices for VP2.  Unfortunately, if I were to get the VP2, I would also need to purchase a new console.

My console and website magically started working as I was coding to inform viewers why they could no longer view temp data on my weather site.  I don't know why. But, I'm happy for whatever caused it to resume.  Hopefully, I can make do with 2002 equipment for a little longer.


I read your post more carefully and see that the link is for a Davis VV, which comes with a console - the price is tempting. 
So, my remaining question has to do with software to upload data to the web.  As I mentioned, I currently use VWS.  Even though it is no longer supported, I would prefer to continue using VWS instead of suffering through learning a new software package.  Do you know if the console that comes with the VV is compatible with VWS?  If not, what software would you suggest that is both reasonably priced and easy to set up? 
A different software package that corrects most of the VWS issues and, more importantly, is easy to set up is something I'd consider even with my existing VP and console.

Any model that is a complete station (ie 6250 or 6152), whether Vue or VP2, will automatically comprise both console and ISS. However, your old logger will not work with a new console (green dot issue). So you'd need to factor in a new logger.

I'm not a VWS user, but I'd be quite surprised if you could not simply continue to use VWS with a new VP2 console and logger - the data format has not changed. That said, there are good modern (and free) alternatives to VWS like CumulusMX.


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