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I can't get PWS to open directly to my dashboard. I have created a shortcut from my dashboard page but when I open it up it shows the PWS page then I need to click in stations then the avatar, then stations , then my station ID. Alaska57. Any solutions? Using Firefox with Duckduckgo.
EDIT: Change to Google for search. Same results unless I refresh the page manually once or twice. Would this be a website or browser issue?

Why are you going through a search engine?


And it'll go right there.

Yes I am. I tried using EDGE and it works better. It must be something with Firefox or one of my addons.


--- Quote from: Weatheroger on July 31, 2021, 01:15:00 AM ---Yes I am.

--- End quote ---

"Yes I am" what?  There is no reason to go through a search engine to get to a website you already know the address of.

Solved. I was using the direct link. I only mentioned the browser to see if that could be an issue. PWS is buggy on Firefox but works and loads faster on EDGE.


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