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 I purchased a weather station and quickly noticed the display is always on. It has a high/low/off backlight switch in the back. It has a battery backup but doesn't seem to work. I plan on returning it, but in the meantime, I'd like a display that has an energy saving capability while it is on AC power.  But haven't been able to find one. I see the ones that have a battery back up go to sleep after 10 minutes, but then doesn't use the internet if on battery backup.

Any suggestions?

I'm a novice, so I'm looking to spend no more than $200. I'd like a weather station that can tell me wind speed/ direction, rain gauge, barometric and hygrometer would be nice in addition to the usual in/out temps and humidity.

If there are no displays that exist with energy-saving, any other suggestions for a decent weather, reliable station.

Thank you in advance. And I apologize if this subject has already been addressed.

what kind of station do you have?

Logia 7 in 1


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