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Is there a definitive source/thread for those seeking info on real pro quality instruments and what one needs to spend as a minimum for a general purpose station ?

No there isn't such a thread. Just tell us what you plan on using your station for and the recommendations will follow. Also let us know your budget.

Thank you for your reply and perhaps this can become the thread.

The station is a retirement gift for my brother and business partner and will be a 'home' station in an area which can see very low temps,believe the record to be -32*F, during the winter though that is rare.

Don't think I need a small Doppler-kidding- but I would like to get something exceptional;  budget is whatever it takes-ultrasonic wind/ what kind of rain device, dew point, lightning strike - stuff like this is what I would like to get info and advice on.

Davis is good quality and generally meets weather enthusiasts interest as well as professional and agricultural needs.  Downside for many enthusiasts is the display (console) appearance Weather Stations Davis Instruments

Other high end stations are the Rainwise.

Both are available from Scaled Instruments
Davis Instruments Scaled Instruments
Complete Weather Station Scaled Instruments

Ask away...


Based on the fact that the planned use is for personal use with an interest in semi-professional quality equipment I feel that the Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus would be the best fit. The benefit of a Davis system is quality equipment with a strong user base of which you can tap online forums such as this as a resource. The Davis station is also vastly expandable and makes getting at the data simple. Since it seems you aren't limited on a budget and are looking for the best I've maxed the VP2 model options with the following recommendations:

Davis Vantage Pro 2 with 24hr FARS:

Davis WeatherLink Live 6100 (to get your data online and for software expandability):

Extra wireless transmitter if your mounting solution requires separation of anemometer and ISS base:

Davis Ultrasonic anemometer upgrade (since you brought it up) - which is a mixed bag and a worthy discussion on its merits:

Davis Airlink air quality sensor - might be of interest to expand station capability:

Raspberry Pi kit to run optional 3rd party software (purely an extra feature - not required). Software like; Cumulus MX, Meteobridge (requires different SD card of SLC type), Weather-Display, or WeeWX:


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