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Accessing v1 api... Server error! #12


Hello everybody
Does anybody know why my call returns such an error

I call
and get
>Server error! #12

The demo call like below runs fine

got API Token v1 from:
DID from device info, device did:
and user password is 8digit not containing special characters

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks a lot

Are you the owner of the station? Is the DID defintiely correct - eg no confusion of O and 0 for instance?

Dear johnd
Thanks you very much for your answer.

Regarding your question, yes I am the owner of the station and I copy paste the DID from my weatherlink account to avoid mistakes.

I can not find anywhere an explanation of the error codes to get some hints.

Also if I change any DID or password digit for testing with a wrong one I get different error like bellow
Invalid Request!

The apiToken does not make any difference if i include or not
always Server error! #12
Thanks again for your time!


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