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Help downloading data from Weather Underground


First of all, huge thanks to all of the contributors to this project for their excellent work. =D> I now have WeeWx running alongside Pi Hole on a Raspberry Pi and I'm very delighted with the functionality.

I have been uploading weather data to Weather Underground since mid-2015 from my Ambient Weather device. Now I would like to get that data back so that I can add it to the WeeWX database. Fortunately I am grandfathered in for 1500 per day/30 per minute API calls.

I came across the WU-History app ( which works fine, but I can't find a way to tell it to download the daily (5 minute interval) observations for the past 6 years. However, I am able to download the data a day at a time.

It looks like I should be passing values to the script:

--- Code: ---$da = $_REQUEST['day'];
$mo = $_REQUEST['month'];
$yr = $_REQUEST['year'];
$da2 = $_REQUEST['dayend'];
$mo2 = $_REQUEST['monthend'];
$yr2 = $_REQUEST['yearend'];
$units = $_REQUEST['units'];
$mode = $_REQUEST['mode'];
--- End code ---

I tried To get the data for January of this year, but it only returned data for January 1.

The other concern is that I think the current Weather Underground API is, but the script uses

I wonder if I should just run a JavaScript script from my browser to get this data? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

For getting the data, the only script you need to run from is the WXDailyHistory.PHP script.  It will access the JSON data, save it to a cache file, and create a .csv of the data just like the old WXDailyHistory.asp page used to on the WU site.

For a day's data, you should use (localhost)/WXDailyHistory.php?month=1&day=1&year=2021&format=1&graphspan=day
The day data request will only return one full day's data .. increment the &day= value for other dates within the month.

OK, I think I understand now. Thank you for the explanation. I'm sure I can kludge something together to programmatically retrieve all 1800+ records.


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