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Some coding help for BACNet data


I wonder if anyone is using their data for a BACnet system.  I would love to be able to get data out of Meteobridge or Weatherlink to populate BACnet objects on a local network.

Alternatively, if there is a coder that is bored and would like to help me out, I found a bit of code that does what I am looking for but is pulling the data from weatherunlocked.  If this could be modified to pull the data from a Meteobridge , that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance!

Just giving this a little bump since I edited the content..

Most of the BACnet users I know of will be using a VP2 gateway device like (Though that said, most customers still seem to be going for the Modbus KTA282 version of the same thing.)

Can't imagine that rejigging the data from another source would present many programming challenges but obviously still needs someone with the time/inclination and/or budget to actually do it. Not really much called-for in hobbyist circles - much more of a BMS requirement and then there's usually some budget available.

Thanks John. 

I looked at the Ocean Controls device, but for home use, that seems a bit pricey.  I have my home HVAC/HW system controlled with industrial BACNet devices that I had left over from a project a number of years ago so I thought that I might add the weather to the mix.  I feel like if I play with it enough I might be able to make the Wheaterh2Bacnet [sic] code work but the truth is that I am not much of a programmer.


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