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Hot tip for cobwebs stopping the anemometer


We've probably all suffered from this time to time...
If you have a drone or know someone with one, the downdraft from it will get it spinning again.

I have the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and the Mavic mini 2 and they both do the job...

Just thought I would share :)

That is a nice share.  [tup]

I have a couple 450 Quads with Here installed. Could do a very precise hover.

No probs, my mini 2aibt very stable when trying to be over something, but it does the job if I am careful and ready with the controls, the p4p is great and very precise, the sensors make a difference for sure. Itsjust more of a faff usi g it do just this purpose, the mini 2 is just easier :)

If I ever have need will be sure and you tube it lol

You know, i never even thought about filming it until i finished, the usual..... lol


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