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Deleting database completely and starting over?


I have Weewx installed and everything is running well. Because I was experimenting with the Davis Iss sensors and such I have a bunch of erroneous data that I need to get rid of. Now that everything is stable and running properly, how can I just delete the weewx database and start over fresh for my actual live weather data? I would prefer to clear out the old database and start fresh. Is there a proceedure or Linux command to accomplish this? Thanks!

If using debian or ubuntu, these commands should do it (this will remove both WeeWX and your user data but should retain your configuration):

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get remove weewx
sudo rm -r /var/lib/weewx
sudo rm -r /var/www/html/weewx
--- End code ---

Docs (search for uninstall):

If you installed using and you want to just delete the database then
--- Code: ---sudo rm /home/weewx/archive/weewx.sdb
--- End code ---

Thanks for the suggestions. As it turned out, I ended up just removing weewx and re-installing as it only takes just a minute to do so. As of now, everything is running smooth and stable and it sure is great to just have a completely quiet Pi running instead of the big desktop.
Thanks everyone!


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