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Configure Weewx-AQI with Ecowitt PM2_5


I was thinking of adding an Air Quality display to my Weewx running the Belchertown skin and someone pointed me to this extension Weewx-AQI, but it is configured to work with a Purple Air sensor.

I was wondering if anyone had the settings, or a guide, to configuring that extension, but with the Ecowitt PM2_5 sensor? I am not too good on coding and my Google searches haven't had much luck finding a guide or anything to getting it working with the Ecowitt sensor, so I thought I would ask here.

Weewx-AQI Extension
Ecowitt WH41 PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor Monitor Outdoor

I'd like to know the same! Anyone?

I'm not working with the Belchertown skin, but in principle you should be able to depict - at least as a table or as a graph - all values from the weewx database.
The WH41/43 or the WH45 with its PM2.5 and PM10 observations should be stored in the weewx database if you use the proper database schema and have either created the missing entries/rows or have repurposed other fields/rows to accommodate the AQ observations.

That said, if you own a GW1000 the fields/values are available and only need to be placed on the skin. The fields and their names can be found in the Gary's GW1000 wiki at (field map).

What I would do is go through the skin.conf and related files of the Belchertown skin and see how e.g. temperature or humidity are put into a graph, copy that  section and then add the pm_25 etc. fields by renaming the copied tempout etc. fields. That should work.


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