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Weather station for location with cellular only transmission?

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I am involved with selecting a weather station that is to be located at a location with only cellular access for data upload. We need to have the data from the weather station to be read by several folks at remote locations on various weather apps or Wunderground, etc. What are the options that I should be looking at? I have spoken with Davis and they have suggested the Pro 2 sensor suite (6322C) with Cellular Box (6802A) - what are other options? There is 110v power available.

The Davis is a good option as you already mentioned.

Another option is the Ecowitt WS6006

A couple of other options:

Would depend on if you require a turn-key system with built-in type comms and price/constraints to match or something like a Meteobridge (MB Pro) which will connect to a variety of stations, you sort of take your pick, just add a router.   

Whatever you decide don't run it directly from mains power (110v etc) but build some redundancy in a DC power supply/UPS  and power that from the mains supply 

Any comments about reliability, I've had a Davis Pro 2 for about 7 years with the only maintenance being the need to replace the anemometer cartridge, birds really like sitting on it, ha.


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