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Time Issue with Weather Underground


Hey all,

Just wondering if someone here is having the same issue as me where the time is out by 30 mins (ie 12:21pm currently but WU and apps that query this data show it as 12:51pm)

Ive checked all my settings in all devices and they all hold the correct time that being 12:21pm

Not sure if this a known issue or not???

Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

That is certainly an oddity, maybe not so much for WU.  Perhaps a small tear in the WU-space-time-continuum.  :-)

Same problem here, the live data is fine but the graphs show data from the future or a few hours in the past or something. For example right now it's showing graph data from 20 minutes in the future.  At other times it's hours behind.  I just see it as more of the ongoing decay of WU, at least other sites like PWSWeather get it right.


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