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Ethernet Logger has arrived

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Bonjour ,je n'arrive toujours pas à le configurer ,pas de DFU detecté.

Bonjour , es que quelqu'un peut m'aider ?

Bonsoir , j'ai réussi mais je dois mettre quoi dans "File Path"?

hello ? SOS

Unfortunately, there don't seem to be many users here who are able to respond to posts in French - English is the standard language here.

Also: This thread is about the Ethernet logger, but you're asking about a USB connection. I presume that you may be trying to update the firmware on the Ethernet logger via a USB connection? But the firmware in the initial batch of loggers was v1.11 AFAIK and the only enhancement available as yet is to v1.12 and this is only a minor change. So personally I wouldn't worry about updating the firmware for now. There may be further details online of how to perform the update later this year.


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