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Anyone here played around much with ESP32's or ESP32-Cams?

At $10 a throw I'm planning on getting 4 camera's up NSEW.

Just succeeded in getting images uploaded.
Sample can be seen here.

Uploaded with Agent DVR, but anything that can access the MJPG stream would do.

Any thoughts & input would be appreciated.


I too have some of them.
This module can use internal or external antenna but the coiche is made with solder pad with a very small 0 ohm resistor, near the antenna.
Usually it is configured to use intenal antenna but sometimes to use the external.
Funny, I got the kit with external antenna but it has the resistor for the internal.

Basically running Ok now on this firmware,

Big improvement on the official demo.

Current problem is what to use for enclosures;
Did order some fake security cameras, but the optical quality of their Domes is too poor for a good image.

For my location where the house in orientated almost NW-SE, I was thinking 2 cameras per enclosure at 90 to each other.
Front one would cover North & West, rear South & East.

Any lateral thinking on what might make a suitable enclosure?
Modules are about 30x40mm + some free space.


Unfortunately most enclosures are not thought for optical quality.

But after a while I remembered this one
It is the waterproof camera case for Sjcam SJ4000, a GoPro clone.
It is cheap like the ESP32-cam but it must be adapted for power, maybe using the button holes.
Problem: the objective screen is not flat but hemispheric, maybe for  underwater correction.

A 3d printed enclosure with a lens from might work.


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