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Hi All,

There appears to be a number of issues with getting cameras to work.

I have had one working since the 21st April 2021, it took a couple of days to appear on the site. its associated with my weather station.

I have added a second camera 10 days ago, which still has not started to display images. The images appeared to be being uploaded fine.

Both cameras are identical with identical settings, both HikVision DS-2DE4225IW-DE cameras.

I can manually get into the ftp site with the login details provided under the dashboard.

The second camera appears on in the site but has no images displayed.

Any thoughts? is this a website issue? the size should not be a problem as all setting are identical between cameras and one is working fine and i have tried changing the setting to low resolution to see if it might have been the problem, still no luck.


Just another in a long list of unknown reasons why cameras don't show up. I'm surprised you got the first one going.

casa manana:
here we go again.  My webcam, associated with KCOGUFFE10, has not updated on WU for about three days now.  It had been working consistently for several months, and it continues to update to tits Foscam cloud site -- so I know it's not the Cam.  My WU Profile lists the cam as Offline.  Anybody else experiencing similar issues?

My Cam stopped to be displayed on Wunderground again. I would like to double check wether my login credentials are okay. Thanks for your support

Upload Server:
Username: ID of weatherstation, in my Case ImaduffusCAM5
Passwort: the generic one shown in the "My Devices"-Tab something like "vA1RuO7x"
File Name: My webcam does not allow any "file name", so I guess it will be default and okay, since it worked for some time.
Transfer type "binary". Whatever that means, I cannot change this type in my FTP upload of my cam.

Doublecheck: The password for upload of the images is NOT the one I use to login to my Wundergroudn account, correct?

Thanks alot.

Mine isn't working anymore either. It stopped 4 days ago in the middle of the night.


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