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Sending logger data to Weather Underground


Hi all, I wanted to know if it were at all possible to upload data to weather underground from an older campbell scientific data logger. I don't currently have the station set up but plan on using a CR10X coupled with their NL241 wireless network interface. I know someone used a "newer" logger (CR1000 I think) with CRBasic and got it communicating with WU, however I have very little coding experience with the software. Perhaps I just get a newer logger equivalent to the 10X and simplify everything? The program the individual made was pretty difficult to follow, and Campbell's forums hadn't had anything else on the topic. My end goal for all of this is to have a personal (hopefully) ASOS or equivalent spec'd automated weather station sending data to WU and wherever else for easy viewing outside of LoggerNet.

Here's what it'll be running for anyone curious:
Young 05103 Wind Monitor
Young 61302 Barometer & Nishiyama/Bedard quad plate pressure port (adapted to Paroscientific Digiport spec)
Vaisala HMP35C temp/humidity sensor & whatever gill shield young sells
Young 41342 temp sensor & the old style young FARS
Peet Bros 8" rain gauge
CR10X & NL241/TBD

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!


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