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Weather App for Roku?


I live in New Mexico and get my TV from a Roku.
We have been watching Weather Nation for national weather forecasts, but they spend probably more than 80% of their time on the eastern half of the US.
Hoping someone knows of a national weather channel that spend more time on the western half of the US.

I get that there is a lot more "interesting" weather where the tornadoes hurricanes and floods are. just looking for a channel that covers the SW a little better.

I use "Weather4Us" on the Roku. You can set a home location and other "favorites". Just search for it in the channel area and you will find it.

I pay the nominal fee to avoid the ads.

I have used it for years and I rely on it. It has radar and the NWS "Weather Story" in addition to the local forecasts.

Greg H.


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