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Offline 11:45 cst 3/9 - No longer able to update WU

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My pws went offline 11:45 cst on 3/9.  Restarted all of the things.  Anyone else seeing this issue?

Yes,  WeatherUnderground says this:

“On March 9th we ended support for uploads using TLS 1.1.  This protocol has been deprecated industry wide since 2020 and is no longer supported by most software.  Weather Underground had delayed implementation of the protocol’s deprecation to give device manufacturers time to update their firmware, but some stations without firmware update capabilities may no longer be able to communicate with Weather Underground.”

AcuRite is also looking into the problem

I'm amazed that there are not more reports.

What weather station brand / model were you using?

AcuRite 5-in-1 with Wi-Fi

I found some other reports on Reddit:

All Acurite users.


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