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KHA53 Rochester NY Stream Temp Down

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Our machine’s hard drive failed early this morning. We will retire the Windows 10 machine it was on and switch to Linux. It could be a few days before we resume service. Is there a handy guide of Linux compatible software/scripting? Also, not sure if we should be updating anything else. I am not a super techie so the http/https issue might affect us, I am not sure.

I just wanted to drop by and give an update on my stream, and the fact we will be back!

NWROrg Team:
Phillip, if you would please, submit a stream update form regarding the outage
with explanation in comments...we'll then mark your 'slot' to retain as "Primary".
Then when you are ready to return:
Instead of the old 'primary' server you're connecting to
 point the stream to the new Primary server: WxRadio.Org, as outlined here:
which will give you the HTTPS automatically.Please follow the mount naming protocol explained there.
And when you return to service, send us a 'new stream' form as above,reminding us you should be primary for Rochester...
BUTT encoder from that same page, Linux version, should work for you.
Sorry for the bad luck!   Appreciate the Heads Up... and will mark your feed DA which will indicate a temporary outage we're aware of...

Two issues:

Reestablished streams tonight. Stream one using BUTT uses new address under the new naming convention, but returns error Connect: SSL connection timed out, trying again. It does work if we use http instead of https.

Not sure if we need to configure alt stream for this.

Second issue, we resumed original stream but we lost orginal config file so we copied the username: source and password: xxxxxxxx from the config file you listed on your site. I don't know if that is right or not though. Not sure on how to proceed.

WXRadio should be:   You shouldn't use the http for the server name.

server        =
port          = 8000
password      =
mountPoint    = rochester.mp3

WXRadio should be:
server        =
port          = 8000
password      =
mountPoint    = ???  Not sure your state/station name.  But mine is ND-Bismarck-WLX78

NWROrg Team:
Do not use ":8000" in the url to access your stream at
That is ONLY required for your encoder connection.
Your correct SSL stream access is
Mount naming format here:

Only time to use the "-alt" in name would be if there were already a primary mount on
...we would tag the 'dyndns' non-secure as alt on our server, but the new SSL relaces it as primary.
Folks can check that mount suggestion at


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