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This is preliminary from the information that I cold gather. Please post follow-up if any information is incorrect. WeeWX is a bit different because it is expandable with extensions. There are many more WeeWX extensions than the ones I listed here. You can see the list here:

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** The WLL and the WiFiLoggers are not really software. They are hardware with some added upload capabilities built in. The WLL is a great logger to use to then be able to run any of the other software. The Meteobridge comes in two forms (hardware or software)...hardware like the NANO, or PRO, or you can download a software image to SD card and use a Raspberry Pi. MQTT is not an online service. I included it because it is not a universal feature. A universal feature seems to be mySQL uploads with the software...but WLL is the exception on this. Another universal feature among the "software" is uploading to personal websites with various templates.

The point of this thread is not to pit at any one solution versus the other. The point is to enlighten users to consider expanding their station beyond possibly only using just one application.

Are you interested in making this information better? Read below posts. Sign up and take this little project over. If not I'll slowly get around to updating this with more info and into a more useful layout.

Thanks for the very informative chart, George!

Looking it over makes me feel very pleased with my choices of Davis VP2+ 6163, Davis WLL 6100 and Meteobridge Pro.

This should be a very useful new resource. But it does cross my mind as to whether WLL really merits inclusion as a separate column rather than in a special footnote.

WLL gets used in two roles. One is to upload to of course, but that's not a service that set out to forward to many other platforms (just WU and CWOP for the average user) so a comparison with other programs with many upload targets is not really comparing apples and apples.

The other WLL role is to feed data to compatible programs running on a separate computer, eg CMX, MB WD etc, in which case it will have access to all the upload targets offered by those programs. But then it's acting no differently in principle to other simple logger hardware like a USB or IP logger, which the other programs also need. But yeah classification is tricky.

A couple of other random comments: I'm not sure whether you set out just to compare upload targets between programs or features more generally. But if it is more general then another row indicating what hardware or (range of) OS the program runs on might be useful.

WeatherCat is a fairly popular Mac-only program ( that might deserve a mention. (No WLL support as yet but it's coming I believe.) And I do find the weewx features a bit obscure sometimes. Does it support WLL or not, for instance? There seem to be repeated suggestions that it does, but without any confirmation on the weewx website AFAICS.

Great points johnd. I agree 100%. I don't know how else to portray this information, especially as it pertains to the WLL. That is why I included the footnote. I agree that it seems to unfairly pit the WLL against the others, when in fact the WLL is the star component that allows for anyone to run any of the other software.

I curated and created this spreadsheet over a year ago. My intention was always to have shared it. Then when I finished it and looked at it, I didn't like it for the same reasons you pointed out. So I never published it. Then I forgot about it. I just stumbled on it and I still felt the same but I decided that it was best to share it and that maybe I could get some help with it.

I would like to include WeatherCat if anyone could share its supported upload services.

I think what I'll do is separate the software from the hardware into separate sections. That way it will be more apparent that it is a different thing. If anyone wants to take this information and present it in a better way you have my permission. I would welcome the help. Like Gyvate recently took over my Fine Offset compatibility matrix and did a great job (and he continues to maintain it).

The WLL is compatible with WeeWX and there are several drivers that have been created. But this diver below seems to be the one most recently updated with all the features and works with the latest version of WeeWX:

* reference to WLL driver pulled right from the main WeeWX Github Wiki:


--- Quote from: galfert on December 28, 2020, 06:57:05 AM ---I would like to include WeatherCat if anyone could share its supported upload services.

--- End quote ---

From the WC website:

'WeatherCat can also send your weather data to the Weather Underground (Wunderground), the Citizens Weather Observer Program (C.W.O.P.), the Met-Office WOW program, PWSWeather, WeatherBug, OpenWeatherMap and WeatherCloud. In addition it provides close to real time Custom C.G.I. upload to a web-server for your own web-based applications along with the ability to send your data to a MySQL database opening up a whole world of applications.'

Don't know whether that list of upload targets is 100% up-to-date - website descriptions are often at least a little behind the times.

More detail in the Overview section at:


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