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i got me a new la crosse 79400 unit and set it up yesterday. it seems to be doing good but the upper left forcast screen has yet to show anything but clouds. the instructions seem to say this may take a bit to show, but maybe someone here can let me know if i might see that section ever fillin.

also i have a question about the vane.  it seems to be all over the place. i had it on the deck rail last night and this morning and the display have the sind coming from every direction, not i know the wind is not blowing from every direction as i have a home made unit on my shed the holds steady as the wind blow. and yer is is sensitive as i can see it hunting in a breeze that the leaves do not even move at.

so for now i have put some duct tape on the vanes to try and get them to drag a bit and hold steadier, but this 79400 unit is still blowing all around. so does anyone have a fix for this? i have a camera on this unit and my shed [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  roof top unit and the shed unit holds real steady while the 79400 is still all over. thanks bp.

I know i'm here 3 weeks later, but the lacrosse units are garbage. That vane is like a party streamer flopping all over the place. I have played around with mine for a week, and the accuracy is trash. GO for a better unit.

thanks i got mine to be pretty accurate. not perfect. i took 2 bic pens and coupled them with a pc of tube and the cut one ind for the fletch and left the tip on the other end. i do not have any photos of it but i may be able to get one while it is up in use, may not be the best but may give you an idea if you like.

as for the vane dancing around, i went to you tube and watched other brands and they all seem to do it, so it must just be the way they behave. the one i built still does this but not as bad as the original one did. heck i had the unit on the counter and a fan in front of it and it did that same thing.

but not that i have it up in use it is a bit more accurate.  i talked to the local tv weatherman and he has one and told me that is a normal thing with them so it is what it is.   thanks bp.


ok after the last post i did more testing and this is what i did to get the vane to hold better.

what i did was take the factory wind vane off and i made my own design wind vane. it is adjustable for balance and made of stainless tubing. and no pointer plus a larger than normal fin. if any interest let me know i will send a picture of what i have.


because my system sets  like 25' to the east side of a bunch of trees  that sets up turbulence, or what some call eddie currents and sometime those wip the vane around but it returns fast to the prevailing wind direction.  what i  may do in the warmer weather is take it down and build a tail that is shaped like a plane tail fins so the wind has to curve around the tail and maybe that will hold it better in those currents.  also i have been thinking of using a blaa for the tail to see if that holds better? your ideas on that? thanks bp


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