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Cocorahs active map showing inacurate data


I entered my Cocorahs data this morning which shows correctly in the data table and in a station precipitation summary I ran.  The correct figure is .18".  The active map for today shows many stations, but not all, including mine with 0.00" of precipitation.  Clicking on the little box to show detail of my daya shows 0.00" as well.  Anyone else seeing anomalies this morning?

@ggsteve: Yes seeing the same.  If I check my upload this morning it shows correct, but on the overall map opening my location it shows Nov 6.  If I enter your station name then I can see 4.6 (presumably converted to mm as per my settings) but on the map everything is 0.0 and also dated Nov. 6.

By the way, I notice you are in Middlesex County... so am I :)


 ](*,)Looks fixed.

I just checked it and it is working now. I saw the "stuck on Nov 6" problem this morning. It would not accept a date change. The old style maps were OK.

Greg H.


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