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re-create the VWS "Broadcast" display graphic with software or tools?

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Don't know where to put this question, but I'm evaluating software to move my Davis based station from VWS and I was wondering if I could create my VWS Broadcast image - currently used in my signature - using either WD or CumulusMX or any third party graphics tools or scripts out there? I'm about to start testing both these packages but not sure what they offer. I think WD has something built-in to be used as a "sticker", "banner" or whatever we are calling these status placards these days. 

Anyone done this type of image creation, if so what did you use? I assume I can reference data from either an ascii file or other source for the stats as variables in some type of template. I guess I could keep VWS up and maybe if its only task is creating this image it might not need to be rebooted a couple times a day LOL

I know its large and chunky but I'm sentimentality attached to it.

Thanks in advance


WD does have a custcom screen
where you can use custom tags and place and move them to where you want on the screen and set to show a wind direction gauge and temperature gauge and add in custom images
and set background color etc etc
i.e very customizable
i.e so you could recreate this

the beteljuice:
Both WD and Cumulus have a wealth of 'tags' and the ability to export files.
You would need to create a php template that in turn creates the image. (Like all the 'banners' you see everywhere)

but ...
php generated images aren't optimized very well and a large physical size = large memory size

Thanks hopefully over the weekend I can install and poke around both packages and see what the options are. Thanks for the advice and insight.


there is some youtube help videos for WD , including how to create custom screens


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