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Hi, I am new to this forum and look forward to taking part in it. I recently set up a new Tesa WS2900-Pro Prof 7 Inch Colour WIFI weather station and have it successfully uploading to Wunderground and, but what I don't have is the historic data available on my PC, particularly all time records. Neither Wunderground or Ecowitt seem to have the ability to show all time records so I would really like to add access to this, either online, or preferably downloaded to my PC. For the past 10 years I have had my previous weather station sending data to an indoor receiver which is hardwired to the PC. Data is then logged by Cumulus, and I can therefore retrieve all sorts of historic records in the Cumulus display. It seems to me that what I need now is software that will link to either the weather station via the modem, or retrieve data from Wunderground or Ecowitt. Can anyone help me with a solution for this please? I see there are many software options out there but they all seem to focus on uploading, and that is not my goal. That part is sorted. It is having the historic data available that I want. I hope someone can advise on a nice tidy solution and look forward to your replies.

maybe check out the software
which has all time records and climate records
and can be set to get the data from a GW1000 bridge (that works with your station type) or from (via the WU API)
ps, i live not far from you

Thanks for the quick reply Waiukuweather. I have installed it but just need to find out how to connect to Wunderground. Will let you know!

the beteljuice:
Galfert is the guy for this ...

... but I believe it's an ecowitt clone so you should be able to get a GW1000 and your PC can get (and log) the data.

If you use CumulusMX then you can continue to have access to your existing stuff and display all the data you are used to.

As others have stated, getting the GW1000 is the better way to go. With the GW1000 you can run weather software and not need to rely on WU which as of late is not reliable at all. Pulling data from WU is not as live. It is nice that Weather-Display software offers the option of pulling data from WU, but making the small investment on the GW1000 will be totally worth it.

Another benefit of the GW1000 is that you can run multiple software simultaneously. You are used to Cumulus 1 and you may also be interested in considering Cumulus MX. With the GW1000 you can run both Weather-Display and Cumulus MX. You can import your 10 years of data into either one. Then run them both simultaneously. It isn't necessarily about picking one over the other, but rather from benefiting from actually running both as they each present some strengths and pros.

Order the GW1000 from Ecowitt. But you will first need to find out what frequency your station is using. I tried to search for the answer but was not able to find info. The frequency is going to be 433, 868, or 915 MHz. You need to order the GW1000 with matching frequency.

Other software you can run besides Weather-Display and Cumulus MX is Meteobridge and WeeWX. Out of all of these, WeeWX is actually the only one that can get live data from your console without the GW1000. You run WeeWX with the Interceptor driver and then use your WS2900-Pro console to send it data using its "Customized" server upload settings. The GW1000 has a local network API that the other software leverage to get data by asking for the data from the GW1000 rather than the console needing to be configured to send data to a set destination. The GW1000 API method of getting data is much simpler to configure, as all you need to do is give the software the IP address of the GW1000 and your are done.


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