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Mrs A-W:

I tried searching the forum's-board's existing messages without success (or I wasn't 'smart enough' to realize I found a-the answer? 

Purchased a used Oregon Scientific WMR200A, everything advertised as functioning.  The 3" mini weather software CD is not compatible with Win 10 (of course).  The UV & the extra temp-humidity sensors do not work/link/communicate with the weather center even when on the same small table. 

Attempting to solve the failure to link/communicate, but hesitate to spend $ on software before I am confident everything is working.  Is there any free or VERY low price software compatible with OS WMR200A when installed on a Win 10 computer?

BTW any - ALL help - suggestions with testing - resolving the temp-humidity & UV sensor issues will be really appreciated!

THANKS! Everyone remain in GOOD health, good fortune, and be SAFE!

Mrs A-W

Maybe you found a solution in all these months

Anyway just these suggestion, maybe for other people.
Weather Station Data Logger
a bit not updated but still works on Win7 and Win10, I used it.


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