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Grassland Fire Danger Index placefile


Howdy Folks.

Recently bought GR2analyst and GRlevel3 and have found a bunch of valuable placefiles for my use. One thing I am struggling to find though is a grassland fire danger index for my state (Kansas). Does anyone know of one in existence or is there a tutorial on how I could go about possibly creating one? I figured out how to make my own color tables for the program by writing a RadarScope Super-res Velocity color table that is identical to the radarscope app so I'm hoping that if nothing exists for the GFDI placefile that I'm looking for that I would be able to learn how to do it myself.

Any suggestions or guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

You probably would have better luck finding what you want on the GRLevelX owners forum

There is a section on placefiles and a placefile spec.

I would love to do that. Unfortunately my account still has not been activated by the admins there from when I registered back on May 27th. Suggestions for getting it activated?


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