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GR2 Analyst Help: Storm Tracks Won't Display


Newbie here... your help appreciated!

When I right-click on a given storm to display a storm track in GR2 Analyst, that option is grayed out in the pop-up box.  I still have GR Level 3 installed, and the tracks are still displayed there (using the same radar site for both, btw).   

Also, am I correct that GR2 Analyst doesn't have a storm attribute table that displays all nearby cells and their attributes, as is available in GR Level 3?

I am sure this is an easy fix, but I can't find it.  Your help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

SCIT PRO at works with GR3, GR2, GRAnalyst, and Weather Studio.

Thanks for your reply.  Will this product also display vector lines on the radar map, or does it just add the pop-up table?

Go ahead and visit the site. There are screen shots of the product there....


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