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I've been using Ambient Virtual Weather Station since I first purchased a weather station. I'm using an aged Davis VP2 Wired (humidity sensor has recently crapped out) I have not had any issues with the software. I was looking to update the software only to learn that it is discontinued now. I'm moderately upset about

Looking through the forums, I've only seen some dated info but I have seen that MetoBridge seems to be popular. I may be missing something but the price tag for this is far out of my range.

What are the more popular options among software these days? I don't mind spending some money on software to view on a PC and send to various websites but $300+ is a bit steep for me.


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CumulusMX or weewx are free and very good alternatives

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If you have a USB or IP logger you can get a Meteobridge from Ambient for $145.

The Meteobridge is software but it also includes a dedicated hardware where you don't need to have a computer running 24/7. The Meteobridge is great to upload data to many places.

Conversely, there is also the wifi logger.
It uploads to several different sites and you can have it send data to software like Cumulus and Weatherlink.


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