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AllisonHouse L3 servers?


Any one else having issues receiving the L3 data from AH? My GR3 is showing a 6.5 hours passed since last update....

Jim, mine is running fine.

If you have "SuperRes when available" enabled, disable it and recheck.

Hope you get it resolved.

I have been having issues every time I have an internet outage. When my internet comes back up, might only be down 15-20 minutes, and GR3 misses an update it will not reconnect to AH. Just sits there "waiting" on next update. NWS data does just fine. Have to restart the program in order to start polling AH again.....probably not your problem but thought I would mention it.


Thanks for the replies all... Ended up rebooting my PC and restarting everything. Must have gotten hug up in a transfer call and never terminated the connection...


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