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Just got an email from AH that their pricing is increasing -- for a Storm Chaser subscription it is a 25% increase from 129.99 to 164.99. Below is a cut and paste from their email. IMHO, I don't need new features or "super-res" data. I think they should have a basic, cheaper level without the bells and whistles. Does anybody have any suggestions for an alternate source of data?

$3 Price Increase
AllisonHouse has kept our pricing flat for the past 6 years and only raised our prices once before in the past 12 years. We believe we have been an excellent partner these last 12 years and a good steward of your trust in AllisonHouse by continually adding new features, significant amounts of additional new data and world-class infrastructure. To allow us to continue in this tradition of data excellence, we need to continue to invest in even more capabilities, features, and data. We believe that the cost of one cup of coffee each month is not significant for most of our customers, though not all. I (Tyler Allison) personally apologize to any customer that will be unable to continue on this journey with us while at the same time I feel strongly that AllisonHouse must continue to invest for the rest of our customers. You'll see one example of our continued investment below in this Newsletter (Super-Res Level 3).
Every current and future subscriber will be subject to the price increase on Sept. 15th. Our Storm Chaser subscriptions will be $14.99 monthly/$164.89 annually and our Storm Hunter subscriptions will be $29.99 Monthly/$329.89 annually. We will be honoring existing pricing for anyone who purchases a 1-year subscription prior to September 15th, doing so will give you the next 12 months at the historical price.

' personally apologize to any customer that will be unable to continue on this journey with us ... ' ... to fatten our bank account at the expense of those who have less than we do.

I can't believe how many people get suckered into subscription services of any kind for anything.

NOAA still provides basic feeds for free and there are other ways to get some of the frills.

Could you suggest some other sources for me?

Thanks for the reply!


Think I will gather up the 3$ a month and continue on. Guess you could call the weather my hobby and a rather cheap hobby when compared to a lot of others.


I have used Allisonhouse since 2010, and have been very pleased with their service. I can count on one hand how many times they were down in that time frame, and when they were down, the NWS was normally down as well. I will continue to use them for the foreseeable future.

@pertman - To my knowledge there aren't any other data services like Allisonhouse for Level 3 radar data, outside of the default NWS connection.

@WeatherHost - Back when I started with them (April 2010), the default Level 3 service was subject to overload anytime there was a severe weather outbreak (think about the nationwide 30 minute radar outage that occurred during the Yazoo City, MS EF4 tornado on April24, 2010). Granted it is far better now than it was then, it is still subject to overload.

In addition to having GR2AE/GR3 radar access and having available many placefiles that I use on my website and personally when severe weather is in my area, I can also use my subscription on Radarscope on both my phone and tablet. Plus, their customer service is top notch.



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