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Warning and radar data not syncing for GR2Analyst


Recently started noticing a lag between the warnings and the radar data. The radar data seems to be about 6-8 scans behind from when the warnings are issued and the radar data will continue to poll and update, it just wont be up to date with the warning. I'm running version 2.80 of GR2Analyst. Things I've tried are: restarting the program, restarting computer, stop polling and start polling again, switch radars and switch back. It seems to be on every radar I try.

How often do your have the radar to update? I have mine set to update every 30 seconds. Are you using the default Level 2 Source from Iowa state? Looking at on my GR2, Iowa State seems to be having major issues with its data. Another data source that is working would be Allisonhouse. It is a subscription based service. They are very good. Have used them since 2010.

Also here is the URL for checking the status of the Level 2 data for all radar sites.


I have mine set at 30 seconds as well! I do use the Iowa State data feed. I'll give the Allisonhouse feed a go and see how it performs!


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