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You can now upload to Windy

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I find the windy station thing weird.

I did the input but see no indication of any stations when I navigate there again.

IDK if because it already had my CWOP ID station logged and then somehow it got what it recognizes as a duplicate and named it "wifilogger". That is not what I put down for station name.

But I got a key and Meteobridge reports successful upload.........IDK what is happening for sure.

Finally... I got a very long API key and ID. After I copy and pasted the API Key in the "Weather Nets" tab in meteobridge, I got the green checkmarks that mean everything is correct.

I don't see my station on Windy yet but reading from someone else he waited overnight before Windy finally recognized him.
Phew... that was a process and unlike anything I've done so far.

Thanks for the patience galfert.

Edit: There it is! And note that I've added Windy to my signature!

Are all the Windy API's crazy long? 

I put mine in my meteobridge and get red X's each time

Mine is like 126? Green check but it dropped off line from Windy as far as I can see. I don't know if I ever saw it really.


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