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You can now upload to Windy

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Should be very simple IIRC, although I haven't worked with my MB in a few years now.

--- Quote ---HTTP Event
Meteobridge can send HTTP GET requests containing weather data as URL parameter. This can be used to feed individual weather networks. Beside the mandatory URL you can optionally define a success string that is matched against the data the requested web server returns to the Meteobridge.

* When the success string is empty, no checking against the returned data is done

* If the success string is not empty the returned data is analyzed and if the given success string is found in the returned data the transmission is expected to be successful, otherwise an Error is signaled.

* If the success string starts with an exclamation mark "!" the transmission is regarded successful when the string is not found in the returned data.

In the example above Meteobridge sends recent wind speed every 15 seconds to the specified server and assumes transmission went fine, when returned data does not include the string "Error".
--- End quote ---

Before MeteoTemplate API support was included in MB, there were instructions out for constructing a custom URL like the above with all of the 5-minute variable names to feed MeteoTemplate.  Sounds exactly like what is expecting, but I can't find the info right now.

If this all sounds like Greek to you, then I'd suggest verifying that your MB support is paid up-to-date and wait for Boris to make a simple menu option.....

How to Manually Configure Meteobridge for Windy Uploads
*** Latest Update of Meteobridge now easily supports Windy. No need to do this manual HTTP upload
See this post for details:

vreihen is correct. Not Greek to me. It works with the Meteobridge now. It will be simpler when Boris adds it to the list of supported online weather services.

But if you can't wait and you want to do it now you can. It is working for me.

This following specific formatting is only for use in the Meteobridge. I've taken the example and I've inserted the internal variables that the Meteobridge uses:

USE THIS URL for Meteobridge:[wind0dir-avg2]&windspeedmph=[wind0wind-avg2=mph]&windgustmph=[wind0wind-max10=mph]&tempf=[th0temp-avg5=F]&rainin=[rain0total-sum60=in.2]&baromin=[thb0seapress-min1=inHg.2]&dewptf=[th0dew-avg1=F]&humidity=[th0hum-avg1]&uv=[uv0index-avg5]

The above used intervals adhere to correct averages as requested by Windy (

station=1 actually corresponds to the 2nd station because the first station is station=0.

If you don't have UV then remove that part of the URL.

Steps to follow in Meteobridge

* All you have to do is go to the Meteobridge Services tab and add an HTTP service with the above posted URL. This URL is in the Windy requested format and uses the Meteobridge variables to send the data.
* Replace XXX-API-KEY-XXX with your Windy station key. You don't need your station ID for the upload URL.
* Fill in the success field as follows...
Success: SUCCESS
* Set it for 5 minute uploads
* Retry set for 2
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I've cleared out my key...well I guess that was pointless as it was only showing part of it anyway. Still the full URL syntax is above. Ignore the #5 drop down before the HTTP. That just means it is my 5th script in my Meteobridge. I have other scripts doing other unrelated things.

You get confirmation from the Meteobridge in the Live Data page as it shows HTTPS success to
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But I've noticed that is may be a bit pointless if you already report to CWOP:
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You can click on the duplicate station and it takes me to my CWOP station. Also in my CWOP station (in Windy) it also reports that there is a duplicate station and points to the direct station ID. So it is nice to see that they point to each other as duplicates.

But I'm going to keep it updating as I want to see if the data is more timely if I upload directly rather than letting Windy get my data from MADIS.[/list]

Here is what the Windy contact (Tomáš) had to say about about sending both to CWOP and independently:

--- Quote ---we would be happy if you share the data with us directly. That would be helpful. Sometimes the CWOP has some outages and by having the data directly from users we can ensure higher quality of the availability. Also, in the future we might use only our data.
--- End quote ---

Seems they are initially relying on CWOP just to have something.

I have it working with the info vreihen / galfert posted. Thanks!!

I don't show up on the map (the CWOP version does) but if I click the "see at" link on my stations page, it does show my data at the bottom.

Why is this under "Chit-Chat"?  - Rich K.


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