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Hello Gang does any one have the latest Shape file and Style file for Tiger Roads? If so can they uplaod here as i have the old vershion of this. Thank you

Can any one help here?

Have you had a look at the Red Team Weather web site - there you will find the GRLevelX Tools web page?!

I do not know if this is the exact file you are looking for, but there is shapefile identified as '2010 Tiger ESRI Road Shapefiles by State'.

Also there is a 2017 tiger road shape file now. I need help getting the shape file and the style file updated. Can any one help please as i live in NY. Plus i would donate if some one would help

Ok Gang there is a 2017 Tiger Roads shape file out. But again i dont know how to do this and i need it uploaded to me. Further more from what i see no one has updated the Style file for the longest time. I would donate to the person if they updated the Syle file and uploaded the NY shapefile to me so its all in one package so i could just upload it to my Grlevelx program. Any Takers out there? There has to be some one who can update the Style file


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