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DBZ Legend to Right Of Image Missing On Upload

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W Thomas:
I have noticed that none of my GR3 images uploaded to my web site are displaying the legends on the left of the image.
I have tried resizing but they still are not visible. However if I do a image save with just radar directly from GR3 the legends are visible.

I read about this happening awhile back and that the problem was slated to be corrected in a later release.  I updated to the latest version and still no go. Any ideas to what I have overlooked or just plain left out?


Hi Wayne,

You have not missed anything. It has not been fixed. I ended up using the snipping tool and made a clean copy of my dBz scale, then uploading it as a picture next to the radar image.

W Thomas:
Thanks so much for the quick reply! Good to know when we get a few other bugs worked out the problems doesn't fall on us LOL!
I guess uploading so many images I'll have to come with a change for each product to get a valid legend.

Thanks again!

Hi Wayne,

I have been looking at your radar page. Nice site!!!!  Since the drop down list is a single page and not individual pages for each radar type, you are going to have an issue with multiple separate radar legends with your radar page.

Hi John,

Thanks for the suggestion to juxtapose the DBZ scale with the GR3 images!  I hope you don't mind that I've borrowed your scale and incorporated it, while giving you credit, into my GR3 HaniS animation script.  One little 'gotcha' is that the DBZ scale doesn't belong alongside a Dual-Pole Radar image, but I think I've taken care of this.

The revised script is available on my scripts page as is still the original script.


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