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Hello all,

I would advise you to visit with below features for free;

- metar / taf reports with alert feature just set  refresh interval / visibility / ceiling and get weather data colored if it is below minima. if you turn on 'voice alert' and then you will also get a voice alert when weather is below minima settings. (Voice alert is not working on Safari browser and mobile devices. It will be fixed near future hopefully.)

-Significant weather chart & upper wind charts For a long time, i was looking for a website where i can get quickly significant weather charts and wind charts. Here it has a very simple interface and quick to retrieve charts at once.

Waiting for your comments about this website, that I am also one of developer of this project.

Greetings from Istanbul

Hi, and thanks for sharing.

A drop down for selecting an ICAO would be helpful.
The METAR matches what I have at

I will need to do more reading to try to understand the TAF info

The SWC chart is difficult to read as it is turned 90 from normal and have no understanding of the information shown, but I am sure it is informative for thos that do understand.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your advise that I will share that if adding a drop down menu for ICAOs is possible or not. 
For some regions, weather charts are turned 90 because of print size settings are a4 paper size (default). But i will also share this with my colleagues that if it is possible to view straight but turned when printed.



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