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Mac Software to Download WU or Weather Cloud Data


This may be an odd question but is there a Mac software client that would constantly download a weather station's data from WU or Weather Cloud that would also work with 10.13 and beyond?

macOS ships with scripting languages (perl, python, bash) that are easy to learn and are (generally) future-proof.

What information are you trying to get?

WU can be done, but it will depend on what you want ... they have an API, but access to it is limited, but some historical data can be pulled from the data export facility. doesn't have an API so you would have to screen-scrape.

If you have a Meteobridge or other device uploading data to those sites, it is easier to write a script to pull data from that, instead of from the Internet.

Thanks...I actually used to use Apple Script quite a bit.

I do have a station that is reporting but there is no Mac software that supports it. It reports via EasyWeather set-up via an iOS app. I did try the Parallels route for Windows supported software but do not want to pay for an extra license for Parallels and Windows. I am mainly just wishing to archive the historical data.

You can check Weatherdisplay for Mac and Weathercat.


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