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I am looking for help getting my Grlevel3 to auto start, zoom, and start publishing after my computer reboots. I reboot my computer daily at 3am. With VWS as my weatherstation software, i need to reboot to avoid the inconsistent software crashes. I have downloaded Autoit, Startwatch, and autohotkey. Honestly these programs are beyond my technical abilites(almost none). So im looking for someone to set it up for me. I am willing to make a "donation" to that person for their help. Is there anyone that can set it up for me?

See attached and put it in C:\Users\<youraccountname>\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (I am on Win7).

Check the path in the bat file to GR3 to make sure it is the same as where GR3 is on your PC.

Hope this helps.


That batch file will start GRLevel3 just fine.  The issue is that there is no GRLevel3 command line argument available to begin publishing .. you'll have to use Publish, Start menu option to do that.  Some folks have had success with a batch automation function like AutoIt, but I've not been one of them.  I autostart GRLevel3 using startwatch, then click on Publish, Start to begin the publishing.  Since I don't reboot the weather system unless a Windows Update demands it, I only have to do this ocassionally.

Thank you guys for your replying.  With the help of another forum member I have GR3 coming on automatically after reboot and automatically zooming and publishing. He accomplished it with autoit and startwatch!

Ken,  What issues have you experienced while attempting to automate the start-up process using AutoIT?  I have more than a few obstacles but was finally able to overcome them and now the entire process is hands-off when the pc starts.


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